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Scrum Gathering in Munich – day 3

October 27, 2009

With this post I’ll complete the series about the Scrum Gathering in Munich. I started the third day of the conference by attending the presentation “Growing Self Organizing Teams” held by Harvey Wheaton of Supermassive Games ( Supermassive Games produces titles for the Sony PS3 and it was founded in 2008. After less than one year the company has already got nearly 60 employees.



Scrum Gathering 2009 in Munich – day 2

October 26, 2009

The first presentation of day 2 was from Patric Palm, one of the founders of Hansoft (, the Swedish company behind a product with the same name meant to manage agile and lean projects. The title of the presentation was “Making Agile matter to the bottom line by understanding group dynamics”. An impressing thing is that Patric started Palm when he was slightly older than 20 and I found also interesting his experience in the Swedish military air force.

Second presentation of the day was “Good product owner panel discussion” moderated by Simon Bennet. A very interesting point made during this discussion regarded the prioritization of stories of the same importance belonging to the same Product Backlog but referring to different projects. A simple solution to such an issue is to reverse the question and consider instead what happens if that specific feature is not delivered. Sometimes replying to this question is much easier. (more…)

Scrum Gathering 2009 in Munich – day 1

October 22, 2009

Between Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st October I attended the Scrum Gathering 2009. Since early 2007 I got  interested in Agile methodologies and attending events such this helps me to keep in contact with other professionals working in the same field and discover new approaches and new solutions to issues related to software projects development.

This year’s Gathering was hosted at the Hilton in Munich. I had never been to Munich before and I really liked the city. Thanks to Michael, a friend, I was able to visit the nice town center and understand something of the history and the architecture of the city.

The venue was nice but in some cases the rooms were too small and also, very bad, we didn’t have a wi-fi connection on the first day because the Scrum Alliance didn’t manage to have an agreement with the Hotel. Luckily after a lot of complains about this, some connectivity was made available to us attendees. (more…)