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Ammentos 2.0 beta 1 available for download!

October 7, 2009

We are proud to present the first Ammentos Persistence Framework release by Calameda. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes in the last months to improve the framework in many sides.

  • Performance: This is going to be the faster Ammentos version you’ve ever seen. A fully revisited query engine has been integrated, which speeded up our stress tests execution of about 25%.
  • Polymorphism: as requested by many users, Ammentos is now able to recognize the most specific type of loaded object instances. A new set of simple annotation attributes has been added to support this feature through the new types table mechanism.
  • Facilities: specific new attributes like syncKeys, typeTableAutoCreate, typeTableAutoInsert have been added to make Ammentos do the dirty job, and let you free to think at your business code.

The updated user guide is already available at

Ammentos 2.0.b1 is available for download at sourceforge:

Important: this is a BETA version. The last stable realease is still ammentos 1.3.7. We are making this beta available because we need your feedback, which is always the most important engine for any opensource project. Feel free to write your comments about this release, in response to this post, in our forums or by email.


Greetings from Calameda

October 3, 2009

Every company today has a blog and we are proud to finally open ours, a blog dedicated to people interested in our opinions and that maybe would like to tell us theirs.

We work in the software industry since many years and we just set up our own company, Calameda. Our main targets are consulting in advanced software systems and product development.

In this internet corner we will speak about software: analysis, methodology, development, frameworks, software present and future and all things linked with our world. Our expert developers will post on this space covering topics they are interested in.

We like to develop software methodically with attention to usability and ease of use since we have been doing this for over 10 years.

We believe that ethics should always be part of the principles at the base of a company and decisions should be taken not only in the pursuit of profit.

We believe that open source is an opportunity for companies and that is why we contribute actively with our java persistence framework Ammentos

We believe that together we can also give a small contribution to build a better world.

Stay tuned…