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Bootstrapping, the chicken and the egg

October 14, 2011

How much bootstrapping is needed before being able to have a product capable of providing the cash flow needed to run the company? It seems that coming out for the chicken-and-egg recursion is quite tough. Developing the product takes time but bootstrapping also requires lots of resources that lower the priority for the product.

The obvious answer to the question above would be to use the time needed for the development of the product to maximize the impact of the tasks to be completed and tune these tasks so that the result is the sought-after minimum viable product. (more…)


Our dream Startup Roundabout

November 5, 2010

A picture from the Silicon Roundabout

Something interesting is currently happening around the Silicon Roundabout in London. The UK government is planning to help the development of technology-related companies in the area between the Old Street roundabout and the Olympic Village as statistics show this is a sector in constant growth both in terms of market and especially in terms of employment. The initiative has been named “East London Tech City” and since we got the news, we began thinking about how it could affect us or even better, how it could prove to be useful for our plans.