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Bootstrapping, the chicken and the egg

October 14, 2011

How much bootstrapping is needed before being able to have a product capable of providing the cash flow needed to run the company? It seems that coming out for the chicken-and-egg recursion is quite tough. Developing the product takes time but bootstrapping also requires lots of resources that lower the priority for the product.

The obvious answer to the question above would be to use the time needed for the development of the product to maximize the impact of the tasks to be completed and tune these tasks so that the result is the sought-after minimum viable product. (more…)

AOP promemoria

October 12, 2010

We are working hard towards publishing our new service for web-conferencing with augmented reality (project name CalaBoard) and among the programming features of the framework we adopted, Spring, there is Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP).


A Thursday in London

October 1, 2010

Moving to London from a quiet place like Frankfurt is a kind of a shock at first and in fact life seems to be quite different here. Last Thursday was a very busy day and I thought it might be nice to put my day in writing so that I can remember about it in the future.



March 12, 2010

Calameda applied to join TechHub, an initiative aimed at creating a common coworking environment in London for technology companies from all over Europe. Such an initiative really sounds a new appealing way of developing a startup idea. Many people coming from different cultures would gather together and contribute, with their presence, to build up a melting pot for new opportunities and collaborations.


ZKoss: ajax without (visible) Javascript

October 16, 2009

Zkoss id by far one of the most interesting frameworks we have been using this year.

Very simple to use, well documented, it provides a very powerful tools set to build amazing RIA applications in a very short time, almost without having to write a single line of javascript.

Popups, lists, forms and every kind of components are made available through a xml language called “zul”. A aspecial event mechanism make you able to write your web application in a very intuitive way, following the same paradigm of desktop applications. Zkoss works behind the scenes, performing serialization, events dispatching and data binding.

A lot of demo applications made with zkoss are available here. There is also a useful developer’s reference, to help you finding all details about zkoss components, atributes and events.

Software for the human race

October 6, 2009

Computer science is a strange topic.

A lot of progress has been done since the first home computers appeared, in the 80s. Now computers are 1000 times faster, 1000 times more powerful, 1000 times smarter than those at that time. Our hard disks can store hundreds movies, hundred of thousands of pictures, millions of pictures, billions of documents.

And still… we interact with them in the same old, obsolete, slow way. A keyboard and a mouse!!

This paradigm is so invasive that almost all the software in the world (except for some experimental laboratory) suffers of this big handicap. The web, which presents himself as the new frontier of interaction, is obviously in the same situation. The result is that today’s software is made for some people with one digit in one hand, so not for the human race.

Developers (we are included) should really take in mind that: software is not meant for Lineland inhabitants, is meant for three-dimensional people living in a three-dimensional world, and most of that people have two hands and five digits per hand. Moving a cursor into a flat screen, clicking, dragging, dropping, selectioning and so on are NOT verbs describing normal interaction with any kind of real object.

Yes, I know, it is not so simple to develop this new kind of software. Of course we need a new kind of hardware to do the full job. But there are lots of opportunities already available that can help to move the first steps. Multi-touch screens, for instance.

At Calameda labs we are seriously addressing this point: making software really available for the uman race.