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Talkban, another way of implementing Kanban

July 11, 2010

A few days ago I was listening to an interview to an expert in the Kanban approach applied to software engineering. I’ve been reading about Kanban since a while now and I find it quite an interesting way to solve problems in the process of software production. The interview, though, raised some kind of existentialist questions in my head: the way the expert was talking was clearly oriented towards raising the curiosity into the listeners so to push them to buy his book. The expert was really careful not to go too deep in the details of the topic giving an overall uneasy impression.



Augmented Reality Business Conference

April 30, 2010

On Friday 23rd April we took part with a presentation to the first European Augmented Reality Business Conference in Berlin. The conference confirmed the high interest around the Augmented Reality field as representatives from both technology companies and investors held presentations or actively participated.


ARDevCamp in Amsterdam

April 19, 2010

On Sat 17th April 2010 we took part to the Augmented Reality DevCamp in Amsterdam and we were positively impressed by the whole event. The atmosphere was really relaxed and appealing at the same time and the venue was a peculiar hall, the Mediamatic Bank, hosting some artistic exhibition. (more…)

Agile Acceptance Testing Days in Ghent

March 29, 2010

On Thursday 25th March we had a presentation at ATTD in Ghent, Belgium, about “Acceptance Testing with an agile remote team”, describing a test case resulting from the last project we developed. The event has proven to be really interesting as it has provided many different views on the concept of Acceptance Testing and at the same time it has given a lot of good hints about software tools like Cucumber and JBehave. (more…)

Professional Java Day in Frankfurt

November 6, 2009

As it was nearly a week since I last attended a conference I couldn’t be happier when on Wednesday my friend Miguel told me about the new chance available just at a few kilometers from Frankfurt. The conference allowed me to get up to date with Sun’s latest plans about the Java ecosystem.

The first presentation was from David Hofert (Sun) and it was titled “Taking Java to the next level”. Among the news I traced down the following:


StackOverflow DevDays in Cambridge

November 4, 2009

When last June I ran into an article from Joel Spolsky announcing the StackOverflow DevDays in Cambridge I took the chance on the fly and booked my seat. Last Thursday I eventually got to this wonderful city in the UK and after wandering around for a whole day, I attended the conference on Friday.

The first presentation was from Mr Spolsky in person… great way to start. Mr Spolsky discussed about compromises to make between simplicity and power citing general cases first and going in depth into the software business afterwards. It seems that an experiment run by some academic within a groceries store showed that when the number of the different varieties of jam shown on a shelf was low, the number of customers stopping to have a look was much lower but the number of items sold was 10 times higher. This result suggests that the lower the number of choices is, the easier it is for people to make up their minds and take a decision. On the other side, Mr Spolsky has a personal experience suggesting the opposite and based on the numbers coming from the sales of FogBugz, the flag product of his company, FogCreek. (more…)

Scrum Gathering in Munich – day 3

October 27, 2009

With this post I’ll complete the series about the Scrum Gathering in Munich. I started the third day of the conference by attending the presentation “Growing Self Organizing Teams” held by Harvey Wheaton of Supermassive Games ( Supermassive Games produces titles for the Sony PS3 and it was founded in 2008. After less than one year the company has already got nearly 60 employees.