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Glassific is online!

January 2, 2012

GlassificGlassific, our augmented reality video conferencing tool, has finally been deployed as a beta version, just on the last working day of 2011. The first application based on this system is a simple Paint-like utility that allows users to draw a picture in the air, record a video of the creation and upload it directly to YouTube. All this stuff, without even touching your computer!



AOP promemoria

October 12, 2010

We are working hard towards publishing our new service for web-conferencing with augmented reality (project name CalaBoard) and among the programming features of the framework we adopted, Spring, there is Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP).


Color detection using SRM algorithm

April 2, 2010

Runtime color detection is a difficult task, especially using low cost cameras like most people do on their computers. Brightness variability is one of the biggest problems to solve: it affects colors in the reality making them look very different from their “original” aspects.


Professional Java Day in Frankfurt

November 6, 2009

As it was nearly a week since I last attended a conference I couldn’t be happier when on Wednesday my friend Miguel told me about the new chance available just at a few kilometers from Frankfurt. The conference allowed me to get up to date with Sun’s latest plans about the Java ecosystem.

The first presentation was from David Hofert (Sun) and it was titled “Taking Java to the next level”. Among the news I traced down the following: