Glassific is online!

GlassificGlassific, our augmented reality video conferencing tool, has finally been deployed as a beta version, just on the last working day of 2011. The first application based on this system is a simple Paint-like utility that allows users to draw a picture in the air, record a video of the creation and upload it directly to YouTube. All this stuff, without even touching your computer!

The glass paradigm

To make this possible, Glassific exploits the power of well known  algorithms of marker detection to simulate the presence of a virtual glass between the camera and the user. Basing on this metaphor, the system recognizes a set of very simple gestures to allow the interaction with the glasslets, the special applications that can be loaded on top on the platform to perform specific tasks. We published a quick start video tutorial to help users making their first steps with the virtual glass.

After this first release, our team is working in two directions. The first target is the completion of the communication part; the second one is the development of a starting set of glasslets to cover some specific areas. More details about that will be covered in the next days. The most interesting thing that we can anticipate from now is that both topics will have interesting implications in the opensource community.

For any questions about Calameda and its projects please visit or send us an email at

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