Pushing the concept of social web app

Our goodwill-based mobile appIn 2005 I had an idea for a mobile application that couldn’t be implemented for 3 reasons: mobile web connections were not popular enough yet, they were expensive at the time and the application in its core isn’t supposed to bring money.

Now in 2010 it’s maybe even a bit late to publish it but there is something in its character that makes it interesting: it is based on the understated goodwill available to human beings since birth. Contrary to some theories that claim that human beings are greedy by nature, this application leverages on the attitude many have in helping the others.

We haven’t disclosed anything about the application itself yet and this prevents me from writing more about its details but we are about to release it and this makes me curious about the reaction it will cause among users. Many free collaborative initiatives proved to be successful on the web – among them Wikipedia is maybe the most popular – and this is the background assumption we made when designing our goodwill-based mobile app.

The idea of the name of the application comes from a movie released in 2001 where little details in everyday life encompass the strength of a feeling stretched across distances that go over horizons. What the director managed to represent through his camera work, we tried to develop with modern technologies based anyway on mobile technology.

Th next step will be the announcement of the first release for the iPhone and I’m looking forward to it!

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