A Thursday in London

Moving to London from a quiet place like Frankfurt is a kind of a shock at first and in fact life seems to be quite different here. Last Thursday was a very busy day and I thought it might be nice to put my day in writing so that I can remember about it in the future.

Everything started at 6:45 AM. At 7:45 I was in the water at the Highbury Swimming Pool for my daily kilometer. I’m still keeping distances short because I went back into regular training only a few weeks ago and I don’t want to overdo in the first months. Luckily things are getting much better in the water now since my friend Davide pointed out to me I was making an error in my crawling style. My stroke was not parallel to the body but it was going transversal making me waste some of the power. Now I can happily keep up with other swimmers in the fast lane avoiding to move out of the way at the end of the lane.

At 8:30 I was on the road again, cycling towards TechHub, the co-working space were I have my desk. At the crossroads by the Angel tube station, I ran into a funny accident: a guy standing in front of his Lamborghini Murcielago cursing while watching a cab driver filling up his tank… quite an unusual scene 🙂

Once in the office, I caught up with my emails and packed again my stuff to cycle to the OpenCoffee Meetup at the University College London. The event always offers a good chance to meet other entrepreneurs working on web projects and get some advice from business developers and consultants. Among the others, I met Jeff, who gave me some precious advice for CalaBoard and with whom I actively discussed about how funds are expected to be spent within a startup. My main point was that if Calameda managed to get some rounds of angel investments, we needed them to complete the development of our product and publish it. Luckily at Calameda we have the knowledge about development in-house and this translates into investing part of the funds in this direction. Jeff instead thinks those funds are usually expected to be spent in growing the company in terms of business and this is something I can’t understand: for an SaaS project, having the product up and running – even with basic features only – is the first big step to start involving customers. I’d be curious to hear some other opinions about this point.

Once back at the office around 1PM I met Marcin who had a chance of seeing CalaBoard working live for the first time. Marcin is a very active business developer manager and was able to put me in contact with @hkanji for some precious advice about our strategy.

In the evening I first took part to the SpinLondon meeting about ethics in the workplace and exchanged opinions about how ethics and law are related – something that has been actually missing in Italy in the last few years. A new kind of gathering I wasn’t used to and definitely worth going.

Just to finish the day, I cycled to Hoxton Square to reach the London Web Meetup about HTML 5 and even though I could get there only for the last half hour I could feel some very good energy around.

I was back home around 10:30PM quite exhausted.

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