Augmented Reality Business Conference

On Friday 23rd April we took part with a presentation to the first European Augmented Reality Business Conference in Berlin. The conference confirmed the high interest around the Augmented Reality field as representatives from both technology companies and investors held presentations or actively participated.

The sector that is currently the most involved in AR seems to be advertisement. Many companies presented solutions to promote products through markers, some sort of icons that get recognized by the AR-based program and that allow the program to have a reference mark on which to add the augmented layer to the video stream.

Other sectors covered by technology companies working on AR are the following:
– tourism: mobile applications are capable of recognizing locations and monuments and to provide information on them;
– navigation based on maps: navigators for cars are always evolving and now covering a wider range of services;
– computer vision;
– mechanical assistance: devices meant to facilitate the operation on veihcles during servicing.

Our presentation regarded CalaBoard, our augmented reality-based video-conferencing software. The conference allowed us to understand how other companies are addressing the same issues we have and gave us a chance of hearing other opinions on the subject. The feedback was very interesting and the need of a live demo is now growing stronger.

On Saturday 24th we also attended the ARDevCamp where we had a chance to get in touch with some development insights about the Android platform. Here is a nice video about the event from @whatsupandroid :

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