Running IE on VirtualBox for Mac OS X Leopard

If you like experimenting with virtual machines and operating systems, here is a sequence of steps about installing one of the IE7-equipped Windows images published by Microsoft on a Leopard…

  1. Microsoft provides disk images with Windows and various versions of IE on them. Download Windows image file from this page and change suffix from .exe to .zip;
  2. Unpack image file with Zipeg;
  3. Install a VirtualBox new virtual machine and use the disk image file unpacked in the previous step. At the end of the installation process do not reboot and leave the registration of your Windows copy for later;
  4. Install VirtualBox Guest Additions from the “Devices…” menu. Do not reboot once the installation is complete;
  5. By this point your machine should be working except for the Internet connection because VirtualBox is not providing the drivers required by the Windows machine anymore. It’s possible anyway to download these files from AMD.
  6. Create an ISO image of the folder containing the drivers by accessing the Disk Utility program (File > New… > Disk Image from Folder);
  7. Add the ISO image among the devices available to the Windows instance on VirtualBox (Devices > CD/DVD Devices… > More CD/DVD Images);
  8. On Windows, enter the Hardware management window (Programs > Administrative Tools > Device Manager) and reinstall the driver for the network adapter by manually selecting the path of the driver and using the one made available in the previous step;
  9. By running IE you should be able to surf the web now.
  10. Simply freeze your VirtualBox if you want to use it again in the future.
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