The Christmas milestone

It’s Christmas time at last and we are happy to wish you all the best for this holiday. This is actually our first Christmas and we took the chance to review our plans and see how we have been proceeding since we started.

Our customers are providing us precious feedback in fine tuning the CalAgile approach as we are keen to have it always shaped on real needs and not only on theories. On the other side, our first product is starting to be properly defined after an interesting phase of studies in the augmented reality field. The various proof of concept we implemented made us more and more confident with the technology issues we have been addressing and now we feel ready to draw a consistent release plan. The new product will be described in more detail in a new section of our website that we’ll publish by the end of the year and that will also show some test videos of what we are working on.

During these holidays our market research people will also dig down into another interesting initiative we would like to evaluate related to web services for mid sized retailers. The raise in purchases during Christmas time highlights ways of improving the services provided and therefore shows how productivity might increase through the use of appropriate software applications.

The Calameda Team is more active than ever and again, we wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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